A few tracks for your listening pleasure…

All tracks mixed/edited by ‘The WiZ’. Most of these tracks were recorded ‘live’ off the club mixing console – with the exception of specific artist tracks by The Whispers, Payolas/Carole Pope, The Time, King Apparatus. All analog recordings and manually edited with blades & tape.

Marvin’s Groove is an original composition, conceived/arranged & played ad-lib by The WiZ. Recorded in the early 90s on an Atari computer, with a single synthesizer (I can’t recall the make/model); the recording has a few glitches – the MIDI file (on a somewhat damaged 3.5″ floppy disk) was rescued many years after recording. The title is an homage to some of the music Marvin Gaye recorded for the 1972 film Trouble Man.

Raw Power was conceived, written, arranged and performed by The WiZ with thanks to John Lennon & Yoko Ono (Power To The People) and a generic “DJ Rhythm” style track. Recorded about 1982 on some aging audio equipment in the Humber College Broadcast Studios.

EC (Electric Circus) tracks & Dance Kraze Promos written/voiced/mixed/edited by ‘The WiZ’. The EC Rap (aka Electric Circus Theme) & the EC Stinger were both played regularly during the first season of “The Electric Circus” on CITY-TV (Toronto, ON – Canada). “Dance Kraze” promos were played in regular rotation on local radio.

Just for fun, here’s a unique piece of Toronto Disco history…a DJ ‘zine’ created by Peter Frost, Wally MacDonald and others. 1977 was a little before my time as a DJ, but during my time learning live sound & lighting engineering (with Rock Bands) as well as the ins/outs of contracts & riders, while working as a Roadie and Booking Agent (and occasionally reviewing new music for the head of a Booking Agency). While I was certainly in more live music venues at that particular time, I did have an occasional foray into a Disco or two! When I became a DJ, I worked at a number of clubs in and around Toronto, including (among others) The Floating World, Jacquis, The Barn/Stables, Score 100, and of course my favourite spot, 5444/Images in Mississauga.

All music remains copyright of the original artists/producers/publishers – remixing is considered fair use.